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Endless scalability

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Tuzame Platform

Our platform combines higher quality and faster development with reduced costs. Our vision is that all companies should be able to have their own app, responsive website or internal platform without having to worry about spending a fortune to develop it.

Intro to the magic

Combining higher quality and faster development.

Platform? Technical mumbo jumbo? Absolutely! And very advanced such at that.

The Tuzame vision is that all companies should be able to have their own app. It took a few years, but now we’re a good way to get there, thanks to the Tuzame Platform!

We have built a structure of servers, API’s and a great library of business logic. This means that we will be able to provide more robust and more scaleable products for our customer, while reducing a great portion of the cost related to App and Back End development.


Strong focus on modularity.

We have built our platform with a strong focus on modularity. This makes it possible for us to easily reuse and modify what we already have built to fit your needs. But most importantly, it makes it possible to jack in any unique functionality you may need. Modularity together with our API’s makes it possible to connect our modules for order management with your cashier system, or connect our user and group management to your internal HR system. While keeping the system stable, and your internal systems and processes as intact as possible.

Faster and safer development

What you need has probably already been tested and optimised.

Developing a Back End alone oftentimes takes from 1000h and beyond. This is our core. We will be able to do all the customisations that you need in a few percentages of that time, and have a more reliable and qualitative product then would be possible with other solutions. This grants to the fastest possible Time To Market, while you will be launching a thouroughly tested product from day 1.

Unlimited scalability

Is 40 million simultaneous live streams enough?

In that case, we’re all set! We have developed our platform together with the team that ensured that 40 million viewers could live stream the World Cup of Football in Brazil. This is a collaboration that has served both parties well, and we continue to have great discussions to ensure that we never stop developing the robustness of our platform.


Our platform is a bank vault.

Well, maybe bending the truth slightly. But we do host and meet the security criteria for one of the largest banks in the Nordics. We have automated backups, multiple server hosting and much more to ensure that the information is always safe, and always accessible, regardless of where in the world our users are.