Helping hotels get back in the game

Madeleine Olofsson got her start in the hotel industry as a receptionist at Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm. Four years later she packed her bags and moved to Åre to manage one of the most popular hotels in Sweden's biggest ski resorts. After two years in the slopes she came to the conclusion - major parts of the hotel experience are really outdated.

The booking process, which often times happens through deceptive booking sites is frustrating. To add insult to injury, the frustration only grows after booking, just ask anyone that has requested breakfast by filling out a form or had the do-not-disturb sign fall off their door. These are archaic solutions in an industry that is falling behind.

At Tuzame, we have been developing solutions for similar cases and are taking it to a new level by welcoming Madeleine to the team. With her relevant knowledge and industry experience we have identified the pain points for guests and believe we will push the industry forward.

Our goal is to build a seamless and dynamic bridge of communication that simplifies the experience without creating a feeling of distance between the guest and the staff — “if we can streamline the accuracy in finding out what the guests want, we can spend more time on personal services, and that’s more engaging for everyone”, Madeleine says.

Others like Choice Hotels have recently budgeted 250 million SEK for the development of their new app, validating Madeleine's insight about hotel reform. As the industry works towards creating a solution “within a couple of years”, we have finalised a complete product ready for launch and have garnered interest with hotel chains across the country.

This project is possible because of our CTO service. Stordalen, let’s dance!