Our experience is your advantage

Many dream to achieve great things, yet few have seen these dreams come to fruition. As the saying goes — “you can be a dreamer but don’t live in your bed”. The amount of highly motivated, hard working people we come across each day is astounding. Young and old taking a leap of faith, often romanticising quitting their jobs, working night and day to eventually score that angel investment that will change everything. If that sounds like a script out of a movie, it’s because today’s reality looks quite different — the rate of new ideas far exceeds the growth of the market.

If we zoom out a little and think about the journey of a business, it all starts with delivering something of value to the customer. Often, this is packaged as the minimum viable product. To create an MVP that will help a business validate its value proposition, there are some key ingredients, and perhaps the most sought after one for a technology company is a person with an adequate technical experience, leadership capacity and a vision to see things not just as a dream but a well architected process built by a strong team. That is why we have developed our CTO service. Instead of hiring someone that is technically capable but is not business process savvy or a very expensive consultant that is not designed for an early stage business, you can hire an experienced technical director that serves your need for a duration that is necessary.

The Tuzame CTO Service is built on the idea that all companies should be able to have their own app, responsive website or internal platform without having to worry about spending a fortune to develop it.

Don't let technology be the reason you don't make your dream a reality!