10 July, 2017

Project Manager

We move fast to fulfill the needs of our diverse client base and strive to create sustainable technical solutions. If something takes longer to make but is a better solution, we prefer that.

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We are looking for a Project Manager that will effectively deliver projects for advanced technical solutions from a diverse client base. As part of Tuzame you will work closely with developers, designers and sales. Your role is vital in transforming sales to manageable projects and delivering it to those responsible for the task. The end goal is to satisfy our customers with our solutions, and that starts with a clear understanding of the objective and requirement of each project.

As a Project Manager you are expected to have experience working with agile and have knowledge about various lean methodology applications in software development. As Tuzame has offices across the continent and employees across the world, it is expected that Project Managers will manage remote teams and projects, Skills in working with tools such as Trello and Dapulse is a plus.

Our goal is always to learn something along the way — what we don’t know, we learn how to do. And if you don’t know what to do, chances are someone else does and then we deeply encourage you to simply ask. But what we value more than anything is a strive and a hunger to learn and develop yourself in a direction you desire.

So if this sounds like something right up your alley, or better yet, something you’d like to get even better at, please hit us with a message below or email us at hello@tuzame.com and we’ll get back to you!

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