The history behind the company the nobody can pronounce.

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Digital solutions are our bread and butter.

Tuzame was founded in 2012 by Jonas Kac and Niclas Bergquist. Even though we started small, there was enough competence and passion to take on large scale projects with clients such as Espresso House, Swedbank, Halebop and 3. Creating digital solutions is our bread and butter and an area where we are truly limitless. Something that has become very apparent to us is that developing apps, web platforms and systems require tools that not everybody can wield. There are more and more customisable template-based options on the market, but if you want to make something unique or even just stray from the path a little, costs, time and head aches will increase exponentially!

The business that creates businesses.

This has ultimately lead to an additional branch of Tuzame, one where we build and manufacture ideas and tools from the ground up. We want to be the business that creates businesses, a place you can come to with an idea where we can act as the technical catalyst for it to grow into something real. Our office at Birger Jarlsgatan 48 in the heart of Stockholm has become a hub where entrepreneurs of all sorts of crazy and awesome ideas run in and out. We are always looking for ideas, people to join us in Stockholm and in what’s going to be our new office in Geneva!


Our Office

Birger Jarlsgatan 48
114 29 Stockholm, Sweden