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A salesforce with a competitve edge.

The sales force at Swedbank had everything. Everything but speed. Being service minded and business focused, they always left potential clients with a sense of professionalism. Unfortunately though, they always concluded the business the day after the interaction with their customer.

Details not to be disclosed, Tuzame developed a web app to increase the speed in which they are now able to deliver good offers, and thus having a competitive edge towards their competitors. Now on it’s second year in service, still acting as a support tool for the great sales force of Swedbank.


Enhancing the way we interact with pictures every day.

Let me get back to you was a phrase that caused JCDecaux to lose a lot of customers. Salesman, together with a customer, discussing business. The momentum is high, and it’s definitely the moment when you want to sign, not go home and prepare a document.

We put together a sales tool for JCDecaux, enabling them to on the go give the customer an exact picture of how the products they’re about to buy will look in the surroundings where they are meant to be.


Campaign sold out in 3 days instead of 4 weeks.

Halebop came to us with a problem; How could they make sure that they reached as many of their target group as possible during a campaign on their e-commerce site? And this without having to involve their tech department that was hard at work with a later release.

We looked at the issue and proposed a solution where the customer would be offered a product if certain parameters were set, and we also added a A/B-testing aspect to it. None of which is something new, but the technically hard part was to maneuvre around the existing tech as well as producing a solution that increased sales and revenue.

The result was astounding, the campaign sold out in 3 days instead of 4 weeks and the users that were shown our proposal were 50% more likely to finalise the purchase.


A VIP customer tool

All customer oriented companies has an urge to get the most valuable customers closer to the organisation. There are loyalty programs, auto generated e-mails and much more. 3 decided to take it both 1, 2 and 3 steps further...

If you are a member of the very exclusive club 3First, you now get served high end partner deals, fancy events and much more, straight down your pocket. But that’s not all. You also have a customer focused team, no further away than an app on your phone, ready to serve you all the information you need, answer questions and take surveys. With a membership and the 3First app, you will now be better taken care of than ever before.

Phil's Burger

Employee Branding

Phil’s Burger, an innovative fast food chain in the upper segment with an aggressive expansion plan. Working in the restaurant industry has been pretty much the same for decades. Low prices in the bar, and the occasional party for the employees.

But not at Phil’s Burger – they have always had Employee Branding high on their agenda, and this has now come to its finale. Tuzame had the pleasure of putting together an app based on their staff membership program, an employee portal of sorts. Here, the valuable members of the staff can take part of Phil’s Burger exclusive deals and offerings while they also get informed about the events and happenings throughout the restaurant chain.

Loyalty is also an important aspect and one that Max Donatello is more than happy to reward: “We want to reward the members that have worked a bit longer, and Tuzame made this possible without extra administration”. So is the staff at Phil’s Burger happier than in other places? Most likely, and they sure have a great tool for sticking out!

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