We Are Tuzame

Develops Advanced Apps for Complex Demands

Apps for all

iOS, Android and all other commonly used platforms. And web apps, for that matter.

Technical Business

We guide our customers on the latest technical solutions, crafted to optimise your business.

User Onboarding

We make sure that your app has the best possible conditions for a high conversion

Our Services, Your Value

Experts in payment solutions

We are partners with the market leading suppliers of payment solutions, and are closely monitoring every move of the great start ups out there. We’ll be happy to combine different solutions to get you the perfect fit for your users.

Business Developers

We deliver more than Apps. We add value by helping You make the best technical decisions, regardless of if you are a Restaurant owner or the Sales manager at a Bank.

User Onboarding

User Onboarding: how to convert people to active users. This is for many companies a big issue, we have specialized in it. Both in technical solutions and methods of launching.


Scaleability & Security

The biggest media corporation in Brazil streamed the WC in Soccer to 40Million viewers simultaniously. We help them develop their solution. We also deliver solutions to the Swedish Banks, meeting their security requirements.

Time, money, quality

The Tuzame Platform (curious? See below) has time and time again proved it’s strength: faster, more cost efficient and higher in quality. At least according to our customers.

UX and UI

Our UX experts and graphical designers take pride in composing the best possible look and feel for Your product.

The Tuzame platform

A tale of power and functionality

Tuzame Platform


Intro to the magic

The Tuzame Platform combines higher quality and faster development with reduced costs. Please, challenge us!

Platform? Technical mumbo jumbo? Absolutely! And very advanced such at that.

The Tuzame vision is that all companies should be able to have their own app. It took a few years, but now we’re a good way to get there, thanks to the Tuzame Platform!
We have built a structure of servers, API’s and a great library of business logic. This means that we will be able to provide more robust and more scaleable products for our customer, while reducing a great portion of the cost related to App and Back End development.



We have built our platform with a strong focus on modularity. This makes it possible for us to easily reuse and modify what we already have built to fit Your needs. But most importantly, it makes it possible to jack in any unique functionality you may need.

Modularity together with our API’s makes it possible to connect our modules for order management with your cashier system, or connect our user and group management to your internal HR system.

While keeping the system stable, and your internal systems and processes as intact as possible.


Faster and Safer development

We have already produced, tested and optimised major parts of what you will need.

Developing a Back End alone oftentimes takes from 1000h and beyond. This is our core. We will be able to do all the customisations that you need in a few percentages of that time, and have a more reliable and qualitative product then would be possible with other solutions. This grants to  the fastest possible Time To Market, while you will be launching a thouroughly tested product from day 1.


Unlimited scaleability

Will 40million simultaneous live streams be sufficient?

In that case, we’re all set! We have developed our platform together with the team that ensured that 40 million viewers could live stream the VC of Soccer in Brazil. This is a collaboration that has served both parties well, and we continue to have great discussions to ensure that we never stop developing the robustness of our platform.



Our platform is a bank vault.

Well, maybe bending the truth slightly. But we do host and meet the security criteria for one of  the largest banks in the Nordics. We have automated backups, multiple server hosting and much more to ensure that the information is always safe, and always accessible, regardless of where in the world our users are.



Apps drives growth

The entire e-commerce growth 2014 came from Mobile devices

Apps raises profits

41% of the consumers prefers to shop through apps instead of for instance browsers





Since the first iPhone

Number of years we have produced Apps.

The e-commerce future

79%. This is how much mobile device consumption increased in Sweden last year.



Exciting Cases

It’s what drives us

All Works

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    Sales Tools

  • Halebop

    Customer Loyalty, Sales Tools

  • Swedbank – A salesforce with a competitive edge

    Sales Tools

  • Phils Burger – Employee Branding

    Internal Communication

  • Hi3G Access – A VIP Customer Tool

    Chats, Customer Loyalty

  • Selecta – Modern mobile vending

    Customer Loyalty, Mobile Payments, Sales Tools

  • JCDecaux – A sales tool

    Sales Tools

  • Chinese Hospital

    Chats, Customer Loyalty, Mobile Payments

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